Cool Kid Mylee Howe donates socks and underwear to needy families

TEMECULA, Calif. (KABC) -- Like many high school students, Mylee Howe took on a community service project as part of a graduation requirement.

Thanks to her efforts, low-income families in her community are getting all the clothes they need.

"Socks and underwear is kind of a necessity, but a lot of people take it for granted and I felt that it was often overlooked, especially at Hope's Community Closet. We had so many other clothes and were thriving in other areas, but I felt that was one that was lacking," said Howe.

Her project "Sock It To Me" has collected over 500 pairs of socks and underwear for Hope's Community Closet, a Temecula nonprofit where she volunteers.

"I think it's good for people to start volunteering and getting into community service at a younger age because it shows that you don't have to wait till you're older to make a difference. You can start doing things now," said Howe.

Howe, a junior at Santa Rosa Academy, says the project has taught her about business, organization and planning.

"The fact that she's being honored for her heart and for her character just means the world to me," said Lauralee Howe, Mylee's mom. "It's more important than grades. It's more important than beauty."

Howe says she knows there are people in her community not as fortunate as she is, so this is her way to give back.
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