His dreams of owning a big home in LA started miniature in Argentina

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KABC) -- "I always had this idea of creating my dream home, I just never imagined I wouldn't be able to fit inside of it," Chris Toledo said.

Toledo's family emigrated from Argentina and settled in Los Angeles in the 1970's to create a better life and opportunities for their future.

His love for miniatures began in Argentina as a child. It was during a trip to the dentist that he first saw a magazine about the hobby of miniatures and it caught his full attention. He went home that day and asked his parents for a miniature home kit for Christmas.

He clearly remembers receiving his first miniature home toy kit and since then, Toledo has been obsessed with the artistry of building miniature buildings and homes.

"My love for Spanish architecture ties in a lot for my own Latin culture," Toledo said.

The local artist has spent every day of the last couple of years creating his dream big home in miniature out of his apartment in MacArthur Park, Los Angeles.

"The name of the project is Casa California. It's very synonymous with California Spanish architecture, very 1920's, Mediterranean influences," Toledo expressed.

From cutting and sculpting to painting and designing, every piece in Casa California has been handpicked or created by Toledo. His miniature creation includes real-life features you'd see in a home, like the water rust and scuffs on the wall. The idea behind it -- perfection is boring and felt giving it small imperfections would actually breathe life into Casa California.

The local artist never imagined his secret, little hobby would turn into what it has today, but he's hopeful that perhaps if he is able to sell this miniature home, he will be able to own his own pieces of real estate in Los Angeles someday.
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