Glendora High School bagpipe band heading to Scotland to compete in world championships

GLENDORA, Calif. (KABC) -- Meet the Glendora High School bagpipe band. They're headed to the World Pipe Band Championships in Scotland this summer for the first time in the program's 36 year history!

"Just to have the opportunity to even go is so huge," said senior Abigail Ferdinandus, a member of the band. "When I look back on my life, to be like, at 18 years old I went to Scotland to go compete at the world championships is so huge."

Ferdinandus has been a bagpiper for three years. The Glasgow trip is one that students have been looking forward to for a year and a half. But, they need financial help to pull it off.

"With the pipe band successes, we definitely want to go across the pond. We're looking to go to the World Pipe Band Championships in August. This would be a first time for this pipe band, let alone the opportunity of a public high school pipe band being able to do that and compete at such a level, it's amazing," said Jennifer De Barr, the bagpipe instructor.

"I was really excited to go into high school and know I could join the pipe band and be a piper. Me going to my first lessons with Jenn and learning about these new things were so interesting and so fascinating. I really enjoy it and the program is amazing," said Keith Richards, a member of the pipe band.

This will be the first time the band competes in the world championships. There's 14 pipers and 13 drummers.

"If you want to compete, this is where you want to compete. Everyone knows this competition," said Richards.

If you'd like to support the band, you can visit
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