Homeless woman paid $100,000 in Social Security owed by Uncle Sam

WASHINGTON -- A homeless woman is celebrating after she was paid $100,000 in Social Security money from the federal government

Wanda Witter says she was in a 20-year fight with Uncle Sam over the Social Security funds she said she was owed.

The trained paralegal moved to Washington, D.C. in 1996, but when she shouldn't find work, she ended up in a shelter.

But when she began receiving Social Security checks, she disputed the check amounts because she says they weren't right.

Eventually, the checks stopped coming because Witter didn't have a fixed address.

That is when she wrote a letter.

"I know I'm entitled to this, and somebody is screwing me here," Witter told WJLA.

Armed with a dolly and three suitcases full of Social Security documents and research, Witter found help from a social worker who poured over the papers.

Turns out Witter was right, and together, she and the social worker took Washington to court.

"On Friday the 19th, the check for $99,999 was deposited into her bank account," says Daniela De Le Piedrea, Witter's attorney.

Now safely in her new apartment, complete with an air mattress she describes as "luxurious," Witter plans to fix her health.

"I can't imagine how to handle $100,000. I have never had that kind of money in my life," she says.

Once all the paperwork is processed, the Washington Post reports she might actually be entitled to more money.
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