Martin Luther King Jr. speaks at Massachusetts community forum in long-lost audio

In a huge historic discovery, long-lost audio tapes were found of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaking during a community forum in Massachusetts in 1961.

King even took questions, talking about everything from voting rights to segregation.

"I think it is morally wrong for the federal government to give funds to states and school districts that willfully, openly, consciously and boastfully contend that they are defying the Supreme Court's decision and that they will never obey it," King says.

A retired public school counselor stumbled upon the tapes on the internet and asked a South Carolina lawmaker to help bring them to the public.

"That speech was just as timely back then as it is now, because he talked about race relations, back in 1961, he was talking about economic empowerment," said Rep. Wendell Gilliard of South Carolina.

The audio tapes were first posted online by the granddaughter of the rabbi who hosted the community forum. Now, they'll be used in South Carolina classrooms to mark Black History Month.
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