Sony hack: Emails from producers, execs leak online

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Emails from the Sony Pictures hack have been leaked online, revealing the honest thoughts from producers and executives about Hollywood stars, and even President Barack Obama.

The hackers want Sony to stop the release of the film "The Interview." The film is set to premiere Thursday, but not as planned.

When Seth Rogen and James Franco walk the red carpet in Hollywood to promote their film, "The Interview," they won't be allowed to do any interviews. Sony is disinviting TV reporters following the email leaks.

It's not clear if the real-life government of North Korea is behind the hacks, as payback for the film's fictional plot.

The hackers call themselves Guardians of Peace. They've reportedly accessed phone numbers, email addresses for directors and actors, even social security numbers and aliases celebrities have used to protect their privacy.

One of the leaked emails calls Angelina Jolie a "minimally talented spoiled brat."

Another criticizes the quality of Adam Sandler's films. A couple of them call Kevin Hart cheap, and there are racist jokes concerning President Obama.

The emails also unveil that Jonah Hill was in favor for plans to combine the next "21 Jump Street" film with the next "Men in Black" film.

The FBI is investigating the hack.

"It truly is a digital era disaster and it's one that shows no sign of stopping," said Brett Laing, a senior media reporter with Variety.

Hackers have already leaked Sony films like "Annie" and Brad Pitt's "Fury" online.

Earlier this year, Rogen and Franco were asked if their film might be going too far.

"We definitely try to be sensitive but I think some of the most successful attempts to shed light on the ridiculous atrocities in the world have been through comedy," said Rogen.

Sony has not only stopped interviews at the premiere, but also canceled the junket where reporters could interview the stars.

The film is still set to be released on Christmas Day.

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