Suspect found hiding in East LA home after abandoning vehicle at end of chase

EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A suspect was taken into custody Monday night after leading authorities on a chase and abandoning his car in an East Los Angeles neighborhood, where he took cover inside a home.

The suspect, originally wanted for speeding in the Inland Empire, with the driver erratically alternating between surface streets and freeways across Orange County.

The driver eventually made his way to a residential area of East L.A., abandoned the vehicle and ran through a dark area of the neighborhood at the intersection of Floral Drive and Eastern Avenue.

After running up a driveway and climbing a fence on the side of a house, the suspect was nowhere to be seen.

Several units quickly descended on the area, canvassing the area but appeared unable to find him.

After some time searching the neighborhood, CHP officers entered a home where they believed he was hiding and found him.
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