Dodgers 3rd baseman Justin Turner wins All-Star Game spot w/ 20.8M fan votes

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Dodgers third-baseman Justin Turner is headed to the All-Star Game after winning one of the last roster spots on the team thanks to fans.

Die-hard Dodger fans casted their ballots over and over online to get Turner selected to his first major league All-Star Game.

Turner won with a record of 20.8 million votes. Many of those votes came from the loyal Pantone 294 Dodgers fan club members.

"These amazing fans from Pantone 294 literally have spent 26 and a half hours now in this room. I'm sure they're tired. I'm sure they're eyes hurt. I'm sure their fingers hurt," Turner said.

"I can't thank them enough for coming out and doing this. It's unbelievable and this whole All-Star Game is really for all you guys, all the fans. Again, thank you so much, I won't be able to say it enough."

Turner surpassed the previous voting mark set by Freddie Freeman in 2013, who received 19.7 million votes.

Mike Moustakas, of the Kansas City Royals, was also chosen by fans to be in the All-Star Game. He drew in 15.6 million votes and became the second player ever to win the All-Star Game final vote twice.

The first game starts July 11 in Miami, Florida.
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