DEDICATED: Rams fan has collected team memorabilia that dates back to 1951

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With the Los Angeles Rams headed to the Super Bowl, it's easy to find fans now.

But to find lifelong fans of a team that once kicked LA to the curb - a good place to look is anywhere Eric Geller is.

"We've been Rams fans for, I don't know, 43 years," says the Los Angeles man whose home is packed full of Rams collectibles.

Geller's father used to design clothing for several Rams players and administrators back in the 1970s and the family instantly became enamored with the team.

"We became Rams fans way back in like '73," Geller explained. "And we were season ticket holders until the moment that they left for St. Louis. That kinda like hit me in the gut."

When the team took off after the 1994 season, Geller says he boxed up all his Rams collectibles and put them in storage. That's where they stayed until the Rams announced their return three seasons ago.

"All those years they were away and Boom! Here they are in the Super Bowl."

Geller is now looking to expand his Rams collection which includes everything from Super Bowl tickets from the Rams' 1980 win in the big game to autographed jerseys, helmets, programs and countless Rams toys.

But Geller's most cherished piece is a Rams helmet signed by members of the 1951 Championship team, the 1980 Super Bowl team and the 2002 Super Bowl team. He's already planning to squeeze more big names onto that helmet.

"There's room on it to put McVay, Goff, Gurley and Aaron Donald," he said. "And at some point we'll display it at the stadium."
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