'Judge Steve Harvey' rules the courtroom with new unscripted series

Steve Harvey rules the roost in his new TV courtroom, but at home, his wife is #1 authority

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Steve Harvey's ability to blend laughter... with common sense, and a sense of authority... led him to a new unscripted courtroom comedy series, "Judge Steve Harvey."

HOLLYWOOD -- He's not a judge. He didn't go to law school. But Steve Harvey's ability to blend laughter with common sense and a sense of authority led him to a new unscripted courtroom comedy series, "Judge Steve Harvey."

"My gift is the ability to make people laugh - that's a great gift to have," said Harvey.

This king of comedy is taking his place behind the bench in the new series, calling it his own unique spin on what other judge shows have never been allowed to be.

"When you turn on and watch 'Judge Steve Harvey' you'll see real people and real problems and you'll also see a show where people are not scripted and told what to say," said Harvey. "I'll get them to say more because I'm more interested in the story than the verdict. The big caveat is my show is funny."

Harvey says that yes, occasionally someone in his make-believe courtroom will talk back, and it's something he's been used to handling for decades.

"Sassing me back is the equivalent to a heckler. I've seen that for a lot of years," said Harvey. "I have a lot of skill sets that come in handy on this show."

But while he reigns supreme in the TV world, at home with his wife, it's another story.

"Look, I'm the head of my household, but that's in name. The person that runs my house is a very small female," Harvey said. "She's in charge of me. I have no gavel authority at that house."

"Judge Steve Harvey" airs Tuesday nights on ABC.