Robot Sushi: This machine makes 700 pieces of sushi per hour

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- You don't need a sushi chef to make the perfect piece of sushi.

The Suzumo machine makes fresh and uniform sushi rolls in just seconds.

The machines are made and manufactured in Tokyo but they've become very popular in the United States.

"Finding the sushi chef is very hard right now and the wage is very expensive. But once the machine is purchased they don't care about the sushi chef because the machine can do everything," said Suzumo Vice President and General Manager Hiroshi Monden.

On average, these machines can make 700 pieces of sushi per hour.

"It's really cool they can put the seaweed inside, outside and add the sesame seeds and stuff so I think that's very cool. And the taste is not compromised," said Social Media Influencer Kai Chan. "The flavor is still there and the fish is super fresh as well."

"The fish is just perfect. The rice just accentuates the flavors," said Social Media Influencer Michael Takla. "I couldn't be any happier."

These machines have become increasingly popular because the allow for a smaller restaurant staff.

"It's very easy because anybody can make the same sushi any time and the machine will not complain- even working 24 hours," said Monden.
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