L.A.'s most delicious sweets & treats

Sunday, March 10, 2019
LA Smashcakes
Eye on L.A. takes a look at some of the best dessert shops in SoCal.

LOS ANGELES, CA (KABC) -- What's your sweet spot? Cake? Cookies? Ice cream? Well you'll love these unique and decadent treats that are not only a divine taste experience, but will make your Instagram blow up with LIKES!


The incredible candy shop at Hollywood & Highland is Sweet! A 25,000 square foot flavor factory, filled with colorful, imaginative candy, merchandise, art and pop-up shops. Create your own chocolate bars in the Chocolate Lab or order custom orders for your business. Then watch candy makers produce traditional hard candy at Sticky and buy their yummy creations! https://www.sweetlosangeles.com/


If you really want to make your party a "hit," you'll have a smashing good time with these chocolate piñatas! LA SmashCake maker Jenny can create any design you can imagine! Ditch the traditional cake and add some unexpected fun to your birthday, wedding or gender reveal party! Each SmashCake comes with a wooden mallet. They're all handmade with quality chocolate and filled with candies, chocolates and mixed gummies! https://www.lasmashcakes.com/

Cake Buzz specializes in homemade liqueur cakes.


Homemade liqueur cakes. Yes, you read that right! Sean Allen, also known as the Cake Bartender, wants to bestow joy and love in every bite of the food he creates. His talent with food was guided by the loving hand of his mother Clara Belle, the inspiration behind Cake Buzz. With intriguing names like Halle Berry and the Nighttime Situation, each cake is made with a combination alcohols like flavored vodkas, decadent liqueurs, whiskey and more. The alcohol is NOT cooked out of these incredible creations, but they are moist and made in such a way that the flavors are distinct in both the cake and the frosting. Here, you can have your cake and drink it too!


Humphry Slocombe in Venice Beach wants to show you what happens when ice cream grows up.


Humphry Slocombe in Venice Beach wants to show you what happens when ice cream grows up! Inspired by their love of a British comedy, the owners named this ice cream shop after two of their favorite characters in the '70s sitcom "Are You Being Served?" Favorite flavors include Secret Breakfast, Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee and After School Special, but they also make oddly popular flavors like Prosciutto! You can also find Humphry Slocombe at Whole Foods and Gelson's Markets. http://www.humphryslocombe.com/

A Burbank sweets shop specializes in cookie-dough themed treats.


Remember when we innocently ate delicious, raw cookie dough?? But then we found out it's probably not the healthiest thing to eat! Well, now there's a place in Burbank that is a cookie dough-themed dessert shop... and it's all SAFE to eat! You can go to the shop, order online, or stop by their food truck when they roll it out. https://cookiedoughdreams.com/

At Sweetosaur in Riverside, indulge in gourmet Jurassic-themed desserts that will make you an Instagram star.


It's the first of its kind! A big green ice cream shop where dinosaurs are bouncing back from extinction, sort of. At Sweetosaur in Riverside, indulge in gourmet Jurassic-themed desserts that will make you an Instagram star! Try the Wafflesaurus Rex in a variety of flavors or a rolled ice cream topped with candied popcorn, and don't forget to take a ride on a mechanical dino! They're also planning to open a second shop in Torrance. https://www.sweetosaur.com/

Blinkie's Donuts in Woodland Hills specializes in custom, yummy treats.


You've gotta get up early for some of the tastiest donuts in Woodland Hills! Blinkie's Donuts is only open from 5 a.m until noon because they only sell fresh donuts! It's worth the trip to the Valley to indulge in these adorable taste sensations! Baseball fans will want to snag their Dodger Donuts, but an absolute must-try are the Mango Tajin donuts. OMG! They're also known for making custom donuts in the shapes of letters, or with logos and pictures; you can get just about any image or design you want with three days notice. https://www.blinkiesdonuts.com/

Santa Monica's sweet new shop is Cookie Good.


Santa Monica's got a sweet new shop, and it's Cookie Good! Creating endless cookie concoctions, like the strangely delicious, Cheetos Cookie or the Caramel Salted Pretzel Cookie, the toughest thing about visiting is not trying them all! https://cookiegood.com/

Founded in 1938, Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown has been satisfying L.A.'s sweet tooth for 80 years.


Founded in 1938, Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown has been satisfying L.A.'s sweet tooth for 80 years! Loyal, generations of customers keep coming back thanks to a proven family philosophy - there's always cause for celebration... and the best way to celebrate is with sweets! Though they're known for their traditional Chinese pastries, like mooncakes and sugar butterfly wontons, the strawberry crme cake is the crown jewel of the shop! https://www.phoenixbakeryinc.com/

Deja Vu Cakes is well known for stunning cakes designs that are true works of art.


Baker and shop owner, Rubina John is well known for her stunning cakes designs that are true works of art! And now her cupcakes are sharing the sweet spotlight. Customers can't get enough of the fresh and tasty flavors like red velvet, carrot cake and coconut, as well as blueberry and raspberry that are filled with fresh fruits. We recommend you also leave a little room to try some of the flavored cheese cake cupcakes! So good! https://www.dejavucakes.com/

In a small strip mall across from the Winnetka Bowl, you'll find a locum factory called Nory Candy.


In a small strip mall across from the Winnetka Bowl, you'll find a little "locum" factory called Nory Candy. Locum, better known as Turkish Delight is a soft candy that originated in the royal courts of the Ottoman Empire in the 14th century! It's essentially the soft center of a jellybean, doused in powdered sugar, and it is delicious! Traditional flavors include pomegranate, rose, lime and orange, but at Nory Candy they're creating exciting new flavors like spicy mango and spicy lime that feel like a fireworks of flavors in your mouth! You can order Nory Candy online, as it is not a retail shop, but if you call them, they will open their factory door for you to purchase onsite. http://www.norylocum.com/

The family that created Don Francisco's Coffee has opened a shop in downtown LA.


Don Francisco's Coffee is a familiar sight in West Coast grocery stores, and now the local, L.A. family that created the popular brand has opened a new café in DTLA! Grab a seat with family and friends and experience the full-bodied flavor of their handcrafted signature coffee drinks, freshly baked pastries and authentic Cuban sandwiches and bites. Designed to reflect the flavors of their Cuban homeland, and their family heritage from the Basque region of Spain, the café allows you to have an enjoyable and authentic coffee experience. https://www.dfcasacubana.com/

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