Sylmar Motel 6 settles with city over human trafficking

SYLMAR, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A Motel 6 in Sylmar was allegedly a hotbed for drug deals, gang activity and prostitution, but Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said that's going to change.

"I'm very pleased to announce that we've reached a settlement with the owners of Motel 6, from which guests will benefit, neighbors will benefit, and from which the surrounding business district will benefit," said Feuer.

In November of 2016, the city filed a lawsuit against the company that owns Motel 6, alleging rampant criminal and nuisance activity at its Sylmar location in the 12000 block of Encinitas Avenue.

"We alleged that at the site there was human trafficking of sex workers. We alleged that there was trafficking of stolen goods and narcotics were being distributed. We alleged that stolen vehicles were recovered in the parking lot," said Feuer.

The new settlement aims to curb those activities and requires that the motel follow strict security measures for three years.

Some of those measures include installing 48 cameras around the property, adding security guards and imposing strict guest registration requirements.

"This settlement is also going to assist our office to take our efforts to combat human trafficking to the next level," said Feuer.

That's because the motel chain will also pay $250,000 to help fund a new anti-human trafficking program.

Local leaders said the settlement is a win-win.

"It is removing a very big thorn in our side in the northeast San Fernando Valley, and this is a huge win for the Sylmar community," said Los Angeles City Council member Monica Rodriguez.

"We are riveted on transforming neighborhoods in situations where there's a property that's a source of guns or drugs or gangs or prostitution that is dragging down not only public safety in a neighborhood, but also the quality of life there," said Feuer.
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