Taquiero Taco Patio among the best taco spots in OC

Taco fans love the Al Pastor tacos with handmade tortillas at this Irvine eatery

ByJohn Garcia KABC logo
Thursday, May 26, 2022
Al Pastor tacos are a hot item at this OC spot
Handmade tortillas make Taquiero Taco Patio's Al Pastor tacos among the best in Orange County. The Irvine eatery is a must-try for taco fans.

IRVINE, Calif. (KABC) -- Irvine's Taquiero Taco Patio serves up some of the most popular tacos in Orange County. One of the hottest items on the menu are the Al Pastor tacos made with fresh, handmade tortillas.

"Our Al Pastor taco is the real deal. It's as authentic as you can get," said co-owner Sean Young. "We do everything in-house. We boil our corn and we mill it."

"The tortilla makes it," said Madison Rubenstein, a customer from neighboring Tustin. "I keep coming back here, because it's just so good."

Taquiero is a play of words mixing taco and te quiero, meaning I love you in Spanish.

"So it's like I love tacos in one word," said co-owner Roberto Fierro.