Original cast members from 'The Brady Bunch' become 'The Brady Bros' for new podcast

Christopher Knight and Barry Williams say they're the experts in being Brady.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2022
New podcast breaks down 'The Brady Bunch' with 2 of the bros
A new chapter in the Brady world: Christopher Knight and Barry Williams are hosting a new nostalgic podcast, "The Real Brady Bros."

HOLLYWOOD -- "The Brady Bunch" has been in our lives since 1969.

The stars of the famous TV family have also had a variety series, a cartoon, TV movies and most recently, we've seen the actors who played the Brady kids renovating that famous Brady house.

Now, it's time for a new Brady chapter.

When Christopher Knight was approached about doing a Brady podcast, he knew it would have to be with his TV brother, Barry Williams. Together, they are now the hosts of "The Real Brady Bros."

"We're experts in being Brady," said Knight. "Our view of us over 50-some odd years is a little different than our audiences. They know us from the show. Our recollections of those episodes aren't what theirs are."

Every week, The Brady Bros will recap a particular episode of the Brady Bunch and talk about how each show resonated with the viewers.

"By getting into the minutiae of it, the details, what was going on before the scene was made, what we thought when we first read the script, what the messages of the show are has been, it's been a real ride," said Williams. "The podcast is really a dissection, week by week, of an episode, and everything that goes along with them."

Knight added, "The whole time, trying to figure out why it is this Brady things continues, because it's a marvel to us as well."

"The Real Brady Bros" is now available wherever you get your podcasts.