Maggie Q plays dangerous game of cat and mouse with Michael Keaton in new thriller 'The Protégé'

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Friday, August 20, 2021
Fights, action, romance in new thriller 'The Protégé'
The new movie "The Protégé" is filled with action, and star Maggie Q loved having a hand in choreographing the fight scenes.

HOLLYWOOD -- Wild fights. Deadly action. Lots of gunfire. And an unexpected romance thrown in. Maggie Q is up for it all in the new film, "The Protégé."

She plays the world's most skilled contract killer. As a child, she was rescued by a legendary assassin played by Samuel L. Jackson, and then followed him in the family business. Her current business is to get revenge for something; and another killer, played by Michael Keaton, plays into this dangerous game of cat and mouse.

There's plenty of action. And Maggie says she always has a hand in choreographing those fight scenes.

"I love and respect so much the stunt community that I really am, I so enjoy working with them and I so enjoy tweaking things and making it my own and with their help and their guidance," said Maggie Q. "And that's really always fun for me."

Maggie is well known for kicking you know what on screen. Interestingly enough, director Martin Campbell didn't know a thing about that. He liked her acting!

"The icing on the cake was she was terrific in action. So I really got a two-fer with that one," said Campbell.

"And Martin is not an obvious director," said Maggie Q. "He's like, 'No, I'm bringing a man to the table who's got the chops enough to get her attention because no one's going to get her attention unless they're special."

"The Protégé" is rated "R" for language, strong and bloody violence, some sexual references and brief nudity. It's new to theatres Aug. 20.