Caught on camera: Surveillance video shows thieves stealing woman's wallet in Fresno County grocery store

FRESNO, Calif. -- Surveillance video captures the moments right before two thieves steal Margarete Bonner's wallet inside a Sprouts grocery store in Fresno County.

"Please turn my stuff in, right now I don't even care about the cash," she said.

Cameras show two suspects in blue T-shirts and baseball caps keep a close eye on Bonner.

She turns her back to grab some broccoli and they swiftly strike.

"One of the suspects moves in to block the view of the cart while the other one reached in and stole the item," said Lt. Jim Munro with the Clovis Police Department.

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You can see the man throw liquid onto the desk before igniting it.

They take off and Bonner doesn't notice a thing until it's time to pay.

At first, she thought she forgot her wallet at home, but then she realized she left her purse open inside her shopping cart.

This grocery store trip costing her much more than she ever bargained for.

"I bought very expensive broccoli," she said.

Bonner said inside her wallet was a little more than $200, a handful of credit cards, her driver's license and other important cards.

She said the thieves tried making purchases with her cards at different north Fresno stores.

"Fortunately they declined the purchases, so I am not out any money from the credit cards," said Bonner.

But Clovis Police Department investigators are having trouble identifying the thieves because they were wearing face masks.

Munro said crimes involving masked suspects are on the rise.

"It does definitely make it harder for us and I think that we will see that trend increasing," he said.

Munro recommends people keep their personal belongings with them at all times.
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