Herbalist offers a line of tonics to help overall health

With a dash of lavender, ginger root, citrus peel and cardamom, Ayurvedic specialist William Siff is creating a special tea. One that will steep in color, taste and hopefully effect .

"So this is the kind of combination you'd want to consume after a meal to help you digest," said Siff.

Siff, an acupuncturist and herbalist started Goldthread tonic company after years of working with clients one on one and seeing success.
He doesn't look at the spices, herbs and adaptogens as something to replace medicine, but rather as a complement to enhance health.

"The concept of the tonic is that there's some sort of substances, formulations or concoctions that we can consume that tone the inner physiology.
Things like digestion, nervous system function, detoxification, things that deal with sleep and stress.

Siff has also studied Chinese medicine for over twenty years. And while plant and herbal medicine has been traditionally used in other countries for centuries, he feels America is now ready to embrace it.

"I think they're becoming more trending now because people are always looking for something that will give them the edge," Siff said.

The company recently launched a line of bottled tonics that are designed to support different needs.

"Our Turmeric Radiance is one of the top, everybody's kind of into turmeric these days. Green Minerals is up there, as people love to be able to get their greens in a yummy tasting formula," said Edith Siff, Goldthread's CEO.

Hesitant to take a tonic test drive? Goldthread also offers herbal education.

To learn a little bit more about tonics and some of the herbs they hold 'plant ventures' a couple of times a month for free in Santa Monica.

"People can come and engage with us and the plants and really get a sense of what the lifestyle is that goes along with the tonics and how they're meant to be a daily ritual and a daily part of your life," said Edith.

While the Plant Ventures are free, an RSVP is required.

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