Chef Sara Hauman will teach you how to cook on Kittch

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Thursday, July 14, 2022
Learn how to cook with Kittch's Sara Hauman
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Have you ever wanted to bring an award-winning chef like Sara Hauman into your own home? With Kittch, you now can!

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Top Chef Portland's Sara Hauman is just one of 500+ renowned chefs you can now find on Kittch, a new learning platform that uses live streams to connect culinary creators with at-home viewers who love to cook.

"Working with Kittch offers the opportunity to get into the chef's mind," says Sara. "You get to see the behind-the-scenes." According to Sara, the platform also provides chefs the opportunity to pursue all their creative passions while championing important causes that matter to them.

For Chef Sara, that means environmentalism and sustainability. In 2021, she launched Tiny Fish Co., a tinned fish company pushing for environmentally-friendly food consumption. You can find a variety of Sara's tinned-fish recipes, like smoked mussel and tofu dip or tinned-fish musubi, on