Inglewood restaurant offers traditional Mexican treats with a healthy twist

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- "I'm part Mexican, so seeing this place just makes me feel at home," Maria Zelaya said about Antojitos Martin, a restaurant in Inglewood. "Seeing all the tasty treats and everything, is just like I'm literally at home."

Driving around Inglewood you may have seen Fiesta Martin or Fiesta Martin Bar and Grill. They're apart of the four restaurant locations owned by the Martin family.

"We saw a void in the city of Inglewood, where you didn't see enough juice shops or providing healthy options as you did in maybe some of the surrounding cities," Antojitos Martin owner, Christian Martin said.

At Antojitos Martin, their mission is to drive diversity to the city of Inglewood by offering traditional Mexican sweets with a healthy twist.

"So, people, when they walk in here, get a little psyched out," Martin said "Because they see some of your healthy options along with some of your sweets that we grew up with having traditionally."

"Well, it tastes good, I'll tell you that," Inglewood resident Silouns Jackson said. "And it's healthy for you. One of the real reasons I come by is because it's healthy instead of drinking a soda."

The Martin family has been residents of Inglewood since 1986. All four of their restaurant locations are located in Inglewood. The family recognized early on the importance of keeping their businesses in the community.

"The demographic is very open. From every age... every ethnicity comes in here and we love that about this place," Martin said.

They offer juices, smoothies, ice cream and a whole lot more.

"My favorite drink here is the Watermelon Aqua Fresca," Adrin Burruss said. "I bring my daughters by. They like to get the ice cream with all the candy selections."

"My favorite is getting the Esquite," Zelaya said. "Which is the corn with the Mayo. I believe the hot Cheeto crumbs with butter, it's really delicious."

Antojitos Martin is located at 310 E. Florence Ave. Inglewood, CA 90301.

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