Metro to end free rides for electric vehicle drivers in LA County toll lanes

Beginning later this year, Los Angeles County will no longer allow zero-emission cars with a single occupant to use toll lanes on the 10 and 110 freeways for free.

The new policy, expected to take effect in November or December, is intended to reduce congestion in the toll lanes.

Transit officials hope that charging "green" vehicles to use the lanes will result in a drop in traffic in lanes and an uptick in average speeds.

While zero-emission drivers will no longer be allowed to drive in the lanes free of charge, they will receive a 15 percent discount on the tolls.

Some environmental groups expressed displeasure with the decision, arguing that if incentives to drive "green" vehicles are rescinded, the state might not meet emission goals in the future.

Responding to commuters who criticized the move, Mayor Eric Garcetti noted that carpoolers will still be allowed to use the toll lanes for free.
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