Gas Buddy app helps drivers find healthy food at convenience stores

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An app that helps motorist find cheap gas and good bathrooms has added premium food to the list of items at so called C-stores. (KABC)

An app that helps motorist find cheap gas and good bathrooms has added premium foods to the list of items at convenience stores, also called C-stores.

"I think the perception out there is that this is where you come for sweet snacks and indulgent snacks," said Gabi Yanuzzi, G&M and director of C-stores.

Yanuzzi said they've been studying buying habits and found that apparently people want an upgrade.

"Customers are asking for more 'better for you' products," she said.

Bottled water has replaced soda as the No. 1 seller.

And beyond energy drinks, unsweetened tea, organic milk and functional beverages are front and center in the fridge.

"Just because you're on the road, it doesn't mean you also need to get the hot dogs," said Allison Mac, marketing director for the app Gas Buddy.

Mac said the C-store in Mission Hills is a near five-star stop, rated by the app's customers.

"We are basically like YELP for gas stations," she said. "We have 65 million downloads so a lot of people use this app."

An analyst for Gas Buddy took a 30-day challenge, eating only food from recommended C-stores for a month with quite an impressive outcome.

"Not only did he not gain any weight, he actually lost 6 pounds," Mac said. "He was eating hummus. He was eating prepared salad, great wraps, protein bars and drinking kombucha."

A Mission Hills Chevron is stocked: nuts, seeds, non-GMO jerky, high protein bars, locally made sandwiches, salads, sushi, hard boiled eggs and veggie snack options.

G&M has 165 locations in California, but the Gas Buddy app offers 140,000 locations to find your best snack across America.

And beyond snacks, there's even a guide on where to find the best bathroom.
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