SoCal-based Tesloop offers city-to-city transportation in Teslas

CULVER CITY, Calif. (KABC) -- In its third year of business, start-up company Tesloop continues to expand its reach. The Culver City-based ride-share service provides city-to-city transportation in Southern California in Teslas.

"Ride-share that lets you book a ride from Los Angeles to San Diego or Palm Springs or Orange County, to San Diego or Los Angeles," said Tesloop CEO Rahul Sonnad.

The service works like this: You pick from up to 12 trips a day on any given route, choose from various pick-up and drop-off spots, pay for your seat, get picked up by your driver and you're off.
The prices can vary, but typically range from $39 to $79 depending on your route.

Sonnad said every car comes equipped with Wi-Fi, drinks, snacks, headphones and pillows. He said riders can enjoy the amenities as well as the idea of using renewable energy.

"We want to make every minute of your time, from point A to point B, something that's enjoyable and enriching and nutritious," said Sonnad.

The idea originally came about from Sonnad's son, Haydn, who was 16 at the time. Now, they have a fleet of eight cars, 40 drivers and expanded service to Orange County and San Diego.

Sonnad said Tesloop is different than other ride-shares because it focuses on highway trips ranging from 50 to 200 miles.

"When you're in an electric car, it makes a lot of economic sense because you can drive these electric cars extremely high miles with very low maintenance," said Sonnad.

He is excited to see what Tesla does next with its technology. In similar fashion, Tesloop can now pick up from LAX and wants to keep growing.

"Our goal, which is pretty ambitious, is to grow somewhere towards near 1,000 cars in two years," said Sonnad.

Tesloop plans to expand to Santa Barbara next and is exploring routes in Northern California.

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