WATCH: While celebrating Rams' Super Bowl win at SoFi Stadium, Van Jefferson learns wife is in labor

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022
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One Rams player skipped all the postgame celebration for a very good reason. Van Jefferson welcomed a baby boy on Super Bowl Sunday.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- During Sunday's boisterous celebration on the field after the Rams won the Super Bowl at at SoFi Stadium, a video camera was rolling when L.A. wide receiver Van Jefferson was informed that his pregnant wife had gone into labor.

The heartwarming footage begins as Jefferson is kneeling down to speak with his young daughter at eye level.

"Can I get a hug? Oh, my goodness, I haven't gotten ..." Jefferson asks as he is approached by a woman who breathlessly informs him: "Van, Van -- your wife's giving birth right now."

"Oh my God," Jefferson responds. He then turns back to his daughter and explains: "Mommy's going to have a baby. We gotta go.

"Yeah, mommy's gonna have your brother. We gotta get to the hospital. You ready?"

His daughter asks: "But why do we have to go quick, daddy?"

"Because she's having a baby."

Jefferson skipped the postgame celebration with his teammates after their 23-20 victory over the Bengals. His wife, Samaria, was at a local hospital delivering their second child.

An Instagram post shortly after the Rams won showed Jefferson, who caught four of eight targets for 23 yards, with his newborn son in his arms.

"It was a great day, bro," Jefferson said on Instagram Live. "I got three prizes today -- my wife, my son and the Super Bowl."

Samaria was determined to be at the Super Bowl to support Van, but she left midgame on a stretcher while in labor.

"Just like any other game, I'm going to be there this Sunday and I'm going to stay calm ... and pray to God my water doesn't break," she told The Athletic before the game. "I am 100% going to be there. I would not miss this moment for anything. I will be 40 weeks pregnant at the Super Bowl, supporting my husband 100%."

According to The Athletic, Samaria told the Rams not to tell her husband if she went into labor during the game.

"I'll see you at the hospital afterwards,'" Samaria told Van. "Hey, you go play. We'll see you after."