Venice hit-and-run: Alleged DUI driver, 16, slams into woman pushing infant in stroller

VENICE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Horrifying video shows a woman pushing a baby in a stroller when they are mowed down by a driver in Venice, later identified by police as a 16-year-old under the influence of drugs.

Los Angeles police said the crash happened the morning of Aug. 6 at Speedway and Galleon streets.

Video shows a woman pushing a stroller when a car drives straight into them, sending her and the 8-month-old child flying into the air. The woman was squeezing against a wall as the car approached, but the sedan plowed into her, sending her tumbling over the hood.

The woman was not seriously injured and in the video she immediately jumped to the stroller to check on the baby.

The car then kept on going but the driver was chased down by onlookers. The bystanders were seen trying to kick in the window of the vehicle with the teen driver still inside.

Investigators say the 16-year-old driver was under the influence of drugs and was driving a rental car. It's unknown how he got possession of the rental car.

LAPD said the driver was released to his parents because he's underage and since he is a juvenile, the alleged DUI crash is not considered a violent crime. He is expected to be in court in October.

The woman and the child did not suffer significant injuries and are recovering at home.

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