Here's the inside slice on Mochiko Mochi Pizza, the first mochi pizza

ByJanel Andronico Localish logo
Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Here's the inside slice on the first-of-its-kind mocha pizza
Mochiko Mochi Pizza pushing boundaries with flavor and finding the tastiest toppings to accentuate the first-of-its-kind mochi pizza crust.

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- The team that rolled out the popular restaurant Sushiritto, now unveiled a new concept: the first-of-its-kind mochi pizza.

"It's a pizza made entirely of Japanese rice flour, and kind of a mix of different rice flours, but primarily Japanese rice flour," shared Chef Ty Mahler, the Co-Founder of Mochiko Mochi Pizza. "The goal was to get a crispy outside, but still a chewy inside like mochi."

Extensive research and experimentation went into the Asian-style pizza crust.

"It was not easy to do. We scrapped it for probably a year and a half, we stopped and I just said 'I can't do cannot be done," shared Mahler. "I sat on it for a while, I picked it back up and then redid...the entire recipe of it, and then finally started getting some of the qualities that I was looking for with good hydration inside the rice flour. And we ended up with a perfect crust."

The team focused on pushing boundaries with flavor and finding the tastiest toppings to accentuate the unique texture. Toppings range from soy-braised beef and roasted garlic kimchi to Japanese curry and fresh cilantro.

"We have this this kind of flagship location in Burlingame. And then we have our Palo Alto Sushiritto and our...San Francisco Sushiritto also make the pizzas," said Mahler.

"There's been a lot of people traveling from San Jose down from San Francisco, specifically coming to Burlingame," Mahler added. "They're coming down here and then coming straight here to try mochi pizza for the first time. It's pretty great."

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