Scared pup runs from owner after crash, finds her way to familiar doggy daycare

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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Dog owner relieved after runaway pup finds her way to familiar place
Surveillance video shows the nervous dog pacing outside the doggy daycare facility that she visited in the past, begging to be let in.One pet owner thought she lost her dog forever when the frightened pit bull mix ran away after a car accident. But she turned up in a familiar place.

CLAWSON, Mich. (KABC) -- When a pet owner's frightened dog jumped out of her car after an accident and bolted the woman thought she might never see her beloved Aries again.

The dog had another idea.

Following the accident outside Detroit, Michigan, the pit bull mix ran about a mile down the road.

Apparently, the scared animal knew where she was going.

Surveillance video shows Aries pacing with excitement outside the doggy daycare that she frequently visits, begging to be let in.

The doggy daycare's owner called Melissa Fickel to let her know Aries was safe.

Melissa was thrilled that Aries was just fine and that she knew her way around town.