Pa. elementary school inspires good behavior with a vending machine that dispenses books

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
This school's vending machine rewards good behavior
At one elementary school, students are rewarded with books for good behavior.

HATFIELD, Pennsylvania -- A.M. Kulp Elementary School is providing a token of appreciation for students' good behavior.

When they receive a "cougar paw" coin, they get to visit a vending machine that dispenses better brain food than snacks.

This vending machine provides students with new books that they get to take home and keep.

It was the dream of librarian Alyssa Nedorezov to be able to acquire one of Inchys Bookworm Vending Machines for the school.

"The energy throughout the building has been electrifying. Every Friday when they get to find out who's getting the token to go and use it that week," said Nedorezov.

Students go through a specific process to acquire their coins for the machine, with the most important being respecting the school's good behavior system.

"I've noticed that it increases the engagement for the students so we can tie into our positive behavior intervention responsible, be positive and be respectful," said Nedorezov.

Students find their reward for kindness to be just as satisfying as it is to treat others respectfully.

"Being kind can just make someone's day a lot better, and that's really important," said fourth-grader Olivia Zeigler.

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