Toddler denies eating cupcakes despite sweet evidence in adorable viral video

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Monday, March 22, 2021
Toddler denies eating cupcakes despite sweet evidence
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WATCH: Little TJ was ready to throw his sisters under the bus, despite the frosting on his face. "Can't leave this little boy alone for a second," his dad said.

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- The question that everyone is wondering... who touched the cupcakes? It seems like little TJ knows.

Tyrell Fulwood, a father from North Carolina, posted a cute video to TikTok asking his 2-year-old son if he touched the cupcakes on the kitchen counter.

The hilarious moment shows the toddler denying with confidence, despite being covered in frosting.

You can watch the adorable moment in the video player above.

The father suggests that little TJ pushed a chair towards the counter and climbed up to reach the treats.

"Can't leave this little boy alone for a second," Fulwood wrote when he posted the video.

As Fulwood shows the little boy a plastic container with smeared cupcakes, he continues to claim his innocence, repeating "no" after every question asked. The toddler even tried blaming his three older sisters for the sweet tooth crime.

Fulwood initially recorded the video to send to TJ's grandmother, to say the youngster got this trait from her. Instead, he posted the video to Facebook and TikTok.

Now, more than 174,000 people have liked and shared the cute video on social media. The father adds that his son is "quite mischievous" and he can't leave him alone for too long.

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