Sister bridesmaids channel Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys in epic wedding toast

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Friday, July 17, 2015
Maddie and Kelsey Hallerman put together something special for their sister Caitlin's wedding -- a medley of songs about the couple.
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When these bridesmaids decided to put together something special for their sister's wedding, they went all in.

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Maddie and Kelsey Hallerman prepared a special toast for their sister Caitlin and her husband John Weaver -- a medley of pop songs personalized for the couple. The sisters took the stage during the reception in Lake Tahoe, Calif., after a round of traditional "sappy" toasts.

Kelsey told ABC that the idea came to them when the two sistsers were listening to music in the car together shortly after the proposal.

"Now, to know Caitlin is to know of her undying love for MJ, Tracy Chapman, Whitney and Mariah (which we didn't dare to attempt), and we just knew incorporating some [of] these songs would be the best way to represent her," she said.

The sisters get some giggles out of the audience with their warning about their singing voices as the music for Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason" begins to play.

That doesn't seem to matter, though, because what the sisters might lack in pitch they make up for in enthusiasm. They dance and belt out the lyrics that they adapted to be about Caitlin, John and their guests, much to the delight of the crowd.

The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" is transformed to describe the couple as youngsters. Their time as boyfriend and girlfriend is set to the Backstreet Boys' "Everybody," and Michael Jackson's "Black or White" tells the story of their engagement. The grand finale is a passionate rendition of "Oh Happy Day," which is about the wedding.

Throughout the medley, the couple can't stop laughing. Caitlin wipes away tears and John mouths, "Wow. Wow."

The sisters get a standing ovation, and the bride is still joyfully crying at the end of the video.

Kelsey said they wrote the whole thing in the week before the wedding. She said that she loved seeing the couple's reactions -- especially John's.

"It was hilarious," she said. "If he didn't know what he was signing up for before that, he certainly did then."

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