Local park rangers urge public to stop leaving food, water for wildlife in burn areas

Park officials are urging the public to stop leaving food and water out for wildlife in Southern California burn areas.

Park rangers with the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area posted the warning on Facebook Wednesday, saying they "understand the inclination to help out" but "it harms wildlife."

The alert was posted with multiple photos of carrots, apples, corn, hay and water all left out for wild animals.

The post said feeding wild animals food that is not naturally found in the Santa Monica Mountains can make the animals sick -- and the water can spread disease.

The rangers' advice? Let wild animals stay wild.

"We understand they have suffered from the stress of the fires. There are, however, food and water sources out there for them. They have an incredible ability to survive and adapt. Wildlife are highly resourceful!" the post read, along with a reminder that leaving food is also against the law and can come with a hefty fine.
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