Popular Long Beach food joint closes because of pandemic effects

FB Nashville Hot Chicken in Long Beach is closing because of the pandemic, but the shop has another location in L.A.

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Friday, September 24, 2021
Popular Long Beach food joint closes because of pandemic effects
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FB Nashville Hot Chicken is closing their Long Beach location after the pandemic affected their business.

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- FB Nashville hot chicken is located inside Liberation Brewing Company.

You you can grab a sandwich or chicken tenders and even customize your spice level to what you can handle.

The owner, Thyda Sieng, used to work at a law firm but left to open up her own food joint.

"I said I'm going to put in my 2 weeks' notice and I'll figure things out from then on," said Sieng.

Sieng says her brother gave her the idea to start a Nashville hot chicken spot. They opened up in 2019.

"My dad used to work at the Queen Mary so he used to be a cook and we've always said 'you know it would be a great idea if one of my family members started a food business' and I guess I'm the one," Sieng said.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, they've been facing some hardships like short staffing and will be closing down Sept. 26.

"As we all know during the pandemic it was just obstacle after obstacle at the state level, at the local level," added Sieng.

According to a National Restaurant Association survey from May, approximately 90,000 restaurants and bars closed either for an extended period of time, or in some cases, permanently.

Liberation Brewing Company, which houses FB Nashville Hot Chicken, will remain open.

But there is some good news .Sieng says they have another hot chicken location in Anaheim that people can still go to after their Long Beach location closes.

"It's just unfortunate I have to leave here because there are so many people, so many faces. They've all become family to me and I'm just sad to see it go," Sieng expressed.

Their second location is at 1560 South Lewis Street in Anaheim.

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