Paul Walker fans propose Rushmore-style memorial in San Clemente

SAN CLEMENTE (KABC) -- Once again fans of the late actor Paul Walker descended on San Clemente City Hall to ask for a memorial to the "Fast and the Furious" star.

Council members in March had rejected a request for a 12-foot statue of Walker to be erected on the San Clemente pier. Supporters said it could help keep sharks away.

"The statue needs to be 12-feet tall so it can ward off 12 times as many sharks," said Chad Kroeger, one of main advocates. "And perhaps more importantly, bring our country together, times 12."

Video: Paul Walker fans in March 2017 request statue in San Clemente

Now they've upped their game - asking the city to create a Mount Rushmore-style image of the actor on a coastal bluff.

"One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore," said one of the other Walker fans. "We could have Mount Paul Walker. If we just put our hearts into this, I know we could get it done."

And in case they needed more incentive, the Walker fans even brought along a different mock-up that included some council members' faces accompanying the actor's on the bluff.

The Walker fans didn't get an immediate rejection so they are still holding out hope for San Clemente's Mount Walker.

Walker, who grew up in Southern California, died in a 2013 car crash in Valencia.
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