Los Angeles congresswoman skeptical that change in gun laws will happen

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Rep. Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, predicts the gun lobby will prevail when Congress brings up changes in the gun laws.

Appearing on Eyewitness Newsmakers, the four-term congresswoman said despite President Donald Trump's willingness to discuss background checks and raising the age for gun purchases, she thinks the NRA lobby will overcome any reform. She called the president's proposal to arm and give bonuses to trained classroom teachers "horrific."

For the thousands of DACA recipients who face a March deadline to remain in the U.S., Bass said it is a crisis that didn't have to happen. She said the president could simply rescind his order. In the meantime, the courts have upheld the DACA program for young immigrants who came into the country illegally as children.

Bass said there is no indication crime has been reduced by the recent ICE raids in Los Angeles, and said the president's threat to pull ICE and the Border Patrol won't cause a crime wave. It is widely viewed that such a move would be blocked by the courts.

Congress has 60 days to override the FCC's new regulation removing net neutrality. Bass said as the rules go into effect, it will create a first class and a second class of internet users. Without net neutrality, Internet providers can block or favor content.
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