Eyewitness This: CA sales tax increase, new cancer therapy to fight tumors, Palm Springs tram back open

Here are some stories to start your day.

California sales tax increase
Prepare to pay up! Starting Monday, more than 15 cities across the Southland are raising their sales tax.

Most cities will see between 1/2 and 1 percent tax increase. It may go unnoticed if you're buying something small - but it's those bigger items that may make you look at that receipt a second time.

More than 50 cities across California will be impacted.

Promising cancer therapy for patients with tumors
A new cancer therapy meant to battle deadly blood cancers is giving hope to people fighting against some solid tumors.

The treatment is called CAR-T therapy, and it involves genetically modifying some of a patient's own cells to help them recognize and attack certain cancers.

Scientists released CAR-T two years ago to battle forms of leukemia and lymphoma. Now, two new studies suggest that the therapy might be tweaked to fight solid tumors in the chest and bones.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway reopening
The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is reopening Monday!

The popular tourist attraction has been shut down for more than a month after a massive flash flood.

Cameras captured the moment that wall of water and debris came pouring down, washing out the road.

An estimated $4 million has been lost in revenue from the 100,000 visitors who would have visited in the last month.
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