Recent Spanish Cinema series celebrates 25 years at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- The Recent Spanish Cinema series celebrated it's 25-year anniversary at the Egyptian Theater.

This year's opening film was the LA premiere of Father There is Only One starring and directed by Santiago Segura.

"In Spain it's been huge success. It's been in the top 20 movie in box office history of Spain so I'm so lucky," said Segura.

While reflecting on the past 25 years of Spanish cinema, The Days To Come director Carlos Marques-Marcet says is proud to be part of this new and diverse wave of Spanish filmmaking.

"You know you can find more comedies and movies for a bigger audiences and you find also risky adventurous movies like this one Days To Come. There's a big independent community now in cinema, growing, a new generation doing very interesting things. A lot of women filmmakers," said Marques-Marcet.

Ernesto Alterio stars in the movie I Can Quit Whenever I Want which premiered in LA for the first time this weekend.

"It's a wild comedy with high doses of political incorrectness and it's been one of the biggest box office successes in Spain," said Alterio.

"I hope that people here in LA will enjoy it a lot and have fun with the movie and will let them fly with these very wild and crazy characters," he said.
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