Inglewood community reacts to aftermath of George Floyd's death

Members of the Inglewood community shared their reactions and feelings as protests over George Floyd's death continue in Los Angeles.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- With emotions high right now across the county, ABC7's Inglewood community journalist Ashley Mackey checked in with her community to ask their reaction to what's unfolding and how they're feeling in the aftermath of George Floyd's death.

The overall emotions were feelings of anger, sadness, helplessness and hopelessness, but a few people of the community also offered some solutions they think might help in the future.

Leticia Reed, who is an Inglewood resident and a mental health therapist, said this is the time to channel emotions.

"I would say anger. That's where I am now," Reed said. "I'm angry. But I would say I am channeling this anger in healthy ways and it's time for us to activate. It's time for us to increase our advocacy. It's time for us to infiltrate political systems and so forth."

Educator and co-founder of Inglewood's Urban Scholar Academy, Alexis Coleman, said this is a time for the youth to become active.

"Children and adults alike should take this event associated with the death of Mr. Floyd and channel their anger into becoming more empowered," Alexis said. "Learning to become difference makers in the community, putting our anger for good use, so that we make a lasting difference and that we can become builders instead of just onlookers."

Imhotep Coleman is also a co-founder of Urban Scholar Academy and he said building relationships between Inglewood and the police might help moving forward.

"Inglewood going forward should invest time and commitment to building the relationship between the police officers and the community," Imhotep said. "If it's BBQs, if it's police athletic leagues, if it's block parties, whatever they can do to increase a humanizing presence with the citizens of Inglewood will help going forward in the community."

Again, these are just a few voices from the Inglewood community, but as the situation continues to unfold, community members are encouraged to continue to reach out to share their voice.

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