Monrovia Boy Scout helps restore veterans memorial site covered in debris from Bobcat Fire

The project was personal for James. His father and grandfather are veterans.

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Saturday, July 1, 2023
Boy Scout helps restore Monrovia veterans memorial site
Veterans in Monrovia have something to smile about thanks to a local 7th grader! The young Boy Scout decided to clean up a memorial for veterans that was in total disrepair due to the Bobcat Fire.

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- He is a determined 7th grader whose mission was to clean up a memorial for veterans in Monrovia.

It was a labor of love and now, local veterans could not be happier.

The memorial is within Monrovia Canyon Park and was installed decades ago, but the site had been long forgotten.

"The Bobcat fires kind of uncovered it, and it was completely an utter mess," said James Vierra, a Boy Scout with Troop 66.

So scouts with his troop answered the call and it became an Eagle Scout project for James.

The first task was to restore a bench and add a picnic table. Then, they needed to add ADA-compliant handrails and improve the memorial's landscaping and flagpole so the American flag can fly high.

The project was personal for James. His father and grandfather are veterans.

"James' grandfather was wounded in Vietnam and we wanted something to honor him so a bench the color of the Purple Heart does the job," said Army veteran Mark Daniel Peters. "It's important for our youth to understand they need to give back to our veterans. Their veterans are the ones that gave them this freedom to be able to do what they're doing here in America."

Army veteran Daniel Rangel feels veterans are getting all the credit and honors they deserve.

"I feel very proud to be a veteran and I think all the veterans feel the same way because we never received this honor when the war was on and when the war ended, it was really bad," he said.

James hopes the site will once again become a place for everyone to enjoy - especially local veterans.

"I really appreciate everything they have done for us and it means very much to me for everything that we're able to do and help serve our communities as well," he said.