Antelope Valley veterans, Home Depot Foundation gift household essentials to local vets

Volunteers in Palmdale helped assemble essential household kits for veterans as a way to give back this holiday season.
PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- Home Depot volunteers in Palmdale formed an assembly line to fill 100 buckets with a few essentials for local veterans.

"Windex, Pine Sol, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, a few things like that," said volunteer James Zanardo.

"Just things that they might need for their household that are going to keep them safe especially during this time of year and in the year we're in," said Elena Buchen of Home Depot.

The Home Depot Foundation partnered with Vets for Veterans Antelope Valley, a local organization that's grateful for the help, since they've had to cancel four of their fundraisers this year.

"And with COVID, as everybody knows, there's people out of work and there's veterans out of work right now and they need help," said Jack Woolbert of Vets for Veterans.

"We have some that are at risk and they cannot get around to their local stores safely. So this is a way of bringing household essentials to them," said Buchen.

It's all part of the foundation's Operation Surprise campaign, with the hope of making a difference during the holiday season. This weekend, Vets for Veterans will deliver the buckets along with some food.

"I have family that's veterans and a lot of friends that are veterans so being able to give back is nice," said Zanardo. "I see a lot of smiles, a lot of happiness and it feels good. There's a good energy flowing around from everybody."

It's Joy that can spread through giving back this holiday season or simply through kind words.

"If you know a veteran, sometimes they don't want to talk and sometimes they need someone to talk to. Just reach out to a veteran, even just to say thank you for your service," said Woolbert.
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