'It means the world': LA Food Bank's community event helps lift burden off local teacher

In time of extraordinary need, ABC7's Feed SoCal program is teaming up with local food banks to help families in need. Hundreds stopped by the L.A. Regional Food Bank drive-thru distribution at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Friday, July 10, 2020
LA Food Bank event helps take burden off local teacher
FEED SOCAL: The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank continues to work round-the-clock to help feed local families in needs during these uncertain times. This drive-thru event was held at the Hollywood Bowl.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For over a decade, ABC7's Feed SoCal program has been supporting our local food banks, but now because of the coronavirus pandemic, the need is greater than ever.

Southern California communities are facing serious challenges. Putting food on the table shouldn't be one of them.

"It definitely gives off that feeling of community," said Juan Garces, a teacher who stopped by a food distribution event supported by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank at the Hollywood Bowl.

Laid-off worker regains hope by volunteering at OC food bank

A local man who found himself unemployed during the pandemic is now receiving food assistance through the Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County, where he is also now a volunteer.

"The last three years I've been a middle school teacher," said Garces, who lives in Koreatown. "It's a huge help for me and my family. It just helps out a lot, because a lot of us are dealing with unemployment. My girlfriend is trying to finish up becoming a nurse, so she doesn't get paid to work at the hospital. So this just takes a lot of the burden off."

Garces packed what he could on the back of his motorcycle to take home to his family.

"It just means the world. Los Angeles is unique in the fact that it's so diverse and we understand what the moment needs to be met with," said Garces. "I'm so grateful to live in Los Angeles because of that."

To help support families in need text FEEDSC to 41444