Acura's sporty Integra returns in a new era

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Acura's sporty Integra returns in a new era
Acura's newest model also carries its longest-running name: Integra. The iconic car is back after a long hiatus.

Acura's newest model also carries its longest-running name: Integra, back after a long hiatus.

It's a trim, sporty four-door liftback aimed at the legion of enthusiasts who don't want some kind of an SUV, and enjoy driving. It's also the stepping stone into Honda's premium brand, with pricing that starts in the low $30,000 range.

With a similar mission, the original Integra was one of just two Acura models when the brand launched back in 1986. It won accolades and sold well, giving many their first taste of an upscale car from an import brand.

Today, Integra has returned, and with a nod toward enthusiasts. It's available with a six-speed manual transmission to go with its 200 horsepower turbocharged engine. Driving fun, with lots of amenities. Acura is playing on the strengths of its own past, instead of perpetually mimicking other premium makes.

Along those lines, something else that helped Acura stand out in a previous era is back: Type-S sub-models. The TLX Type-S sedan and MDX Type-S SUV evoke the vibe of their predecessors from the early 2000s.

With the Integra, and those Type-S models, Acura is getting back to its roots in a way. When it was the fresh new premium brand back in the 1980s.

To be fair, the new Integra is not a retro model, though the embossed logo on each bumper is a tribute to past generations. It's a thoroughly modern sport sedan, aimed at buyers who were probably not around when the first-generation Integra hit showrooms.

Or, those who were around and might be feeling a bit nostalgic for an earlier time in their lives.