Research study shows positive outlook on age leads to better health

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A new health research study reveals when it comes to aging, positive thinking can lead to positive outcomes.

Psychologist Dr. Shevaun D. Neupart, Associate Professor of North Carolina State University, conducted a study to investigate if perspectives on aging affected a senior's health and well-being.

Researchers asked 116 volunteers questions about their overall outlook on getting older, such as whether their thinking was getting slower.

Neupart said they found that, in general, it is good to have a positive outlook on aging.

"People who feel they are just as happy now as they were younger tended to report fewer negative experiences with their aging on a daily basis," Neupart said.

Maureen Smith, an active senior, said she will not let being nearly 70 years old stop her.

"To me, age is a number," Smith said. "It's what you allow it to be."

Smith said she stays busy by exercising on a regular basis and trying new things like cardio kick-boxing.

The study also found people with a more positive outlook on age suffered a worse mood when experiencing something negative related to their aging, compared to those with a less positive outlook.

Neupart said the group with a more positive outlook were "the most vulnerable to threats of that feeling of positivity."

Overall, the research shows the best way to age is to show resilience to stressful situations.
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