Glendora high school students heading to Scotland to compete in World Pipe Band Championships

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Saturday, July 1, 2023
Glendora band heading to Scotland for bagpipe competition
Glendora students in Pipe Band entertain people here in Southern California, but now they have the chance to show off their skills internationally to compete in the World Championships.

GLENDORA (KABC) -- A local high school band is marching to the beat of their own drum, or should we say... bagpipes! Glendora students are headed to Scotland to compete in the World Pipe Band Championships.

The band entertains people here in Southern California, but now they have the chance to show off their skills internationally.

"Oh I have so much fun. I love hanging out with all my friends. All my best friends are in this band," said bass drummer Jonah Shahbaz

The ensemble is preparing to pack up this summer for a major competition... the 2023 World Pipe Band championships in Glasgow, Scotland. And it's a big deal.

Jennifer DeBarr is the Pipe Band Instructor.

"The last time the entire marching band here went to Scotland was 1986, and I was in high school at the time, so it's really exciting being able to take the band back to Scotland," DeBarr said.

This year, Glendora will be the only public high school pipe band competing from the Western U.S.

"I mean I play the bagpipes in California, so I think it's gonna be a little different going to Scotland and seeing and meeting everyone over there. I'm just really excited to meet other people who play bagpipes in other countries," said Pipe Major Ivana Bradvica.

The 12 day trip in August will allow the students to immerse themselves in the music and culture. But they need a little help, and they're looking for sponsors to help them get there.

"Do we need more donations? Absolutely," said DeBarr.

"I'm convinced we're gonna make it there and it's gonna be an insane trip," said Shahbaz.

They certainly are grateful for all the support they've received so far.

"We're just so lucky to have a community that supports us especially from our school. We get a lot of support from our faculty we have great instructors that support us," said Bradvica.