Second alligator found abandoned in Los Angeles home

NORTH HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A second alligator has been found in Los Angeles Thursday, abandoned in the backyard of a North Hills home.

The 2.5-foot American Alligator was reported in the 15300 block of Lassen Street. It was found in a large aquarium in the backyard. The property had been served with an eviction notice.

Los Angeles Animal Control officers safely impounded the alligator. It was being held at the West Valley Animal Shelter as evidence.

Keeping wildlife without a permit in Los Angeles is illegal, officials said. A criminal investigation was underway, and a case may be presented to the city attorney's office for prosecution.

This is the second gator recently found in Los Angeles. On Wednesday, another alligator was taken from a home in Van Nuys. The owners were keeping it as a pet. That incident was not related, officials said.

An owner of the alligator is being sought. Anyone with information is asked to call Comm. Mark Salazar at 213-482-7455 or email at

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