2 turkeys named 'Serena' and 'Venus' spared at annual vegan feast

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Friday, November 27, 2015
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Karen Dawn takes in two turkeys named 'Serena' and 'Venus' during her annual vegan feast in Pacific Palisades on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015.

PACIFIC PALISADES, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Two turkeys were the guest of honor at a Pacific Palisades home on Thanksgiving.

Local animal advocate Karen Dawn hosts an annual vegan feast and on Thursday, "Serena" and "Venus" sat at the head of the table this year safe from harm.

"They're named, of course, after the athletes who I like to say have smashed the myth that we need animal protein in order to be strong," Dawn said.

Dawn started her annual turkey rescues eight years ago and every November she brings in some birds for a few weeks.

Parents and children frequently stop by to visit and to see them.

"If I don't do it the neighbors are all coming pass and saying, 'where are the turkeys, where are the turkeys," Dawn said laughingly.

Dawn said she wants people to know turkeys are sweet and affectionate animals that enjoy being cuddled.

So what did Venus and Serena eat for Thanksgiving dinner? Vegan pellets, of course.

After the holidays, Serena and Venus will be taken to a sanctuary in Acton where Dawn said they'll live out their lives as turkey ambassadors.

"People forget that turkeys are animals and when you're sitting there feeding them and petting them you realize they're not particularly different from dogs or cats," Dawn said.