Take years off with yoga for your face

LAGUNA BEACH A California woman has developed what she calls "The Yoga Facelift." Marie-Veronique Nadeau says there are 130 muscles in your face and neck, and they need a workout just like the rest of your body.

The idea with this yoga class is to prevent any kind of "downward-dog" looking face.

"You need to use the muscles of your face just as you need to use the muscles of your body, or they're not going to work for you," says Nadeau.

Licensed aesthetician Marie-Veronique Nadeau says her do-it-yourself "Yoga Facelift" can take years off your face naturally with exercises designed to tone and tighten.

"Sort of a tingling and burning, but it was a good feeling," says Sally Trim, who tried facial yoga. "Sort of just made your face feel alive. It was a great feeling."

"I really want to concentrate on [my chin] area because I cannot stand my profile in this area right here," says Heather Ziegenbein.

Nadeau says flexing the muscle under your chin can help to prevent that dreaded "turkey waddle."

"It starts out being firm," says Nadeau. "It just gets softer like some muscles over time."

Nadeau says one exercise known as the "Carp Curl" may help smooth fine lines on the upper lip.

"This jaw area, crow's feet around here, all the sagging that starts to happen," says Nadeau. "That's where the exercise comes into play."

And just like any other exercise, you'll feel the burn.

"Really feel that burn. Oh the lactic-acid burnup is just murder here. Hold it hold it hold it hold it," says Nadeau.

But dermatologist Dr. Joyce Fox says all that exercise might actually backfire.

"In fact manipulating the skin can provoke acne and rosacea, and we have no proof it would actually reduce the lines at all," says Dr. Fox.

And as for some of those neck exercises? Dr. Fox thinks it's possible they could thicken or accentuate the jaw line.

Still, these "facial yogis" are believers looking for a natural alternative to invasive surgery or injections.

"As long as possible I want to put off the Botox injections," says Sally Trim.

Marie-Veronique Nadeau, by the way, is 59 years old. She says facial yoga exercises can be done in just five to 10 minutes a day with results being seen in about two weeks.

For more information on her book "The Yoga Facelift" or seminars being held in the Southern California area: yogafacelift.com


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