Foods that help you to kill the craving

"I have been overweight my entire life," Lauria Halpin said.

"I'm a stress eater, so stress will do me in every time and I just use food," Pam Hahn said.

But now these gals are living life lighter.

Together, Halpin and Hahn have lost almost 250 pounds.

Both lost the weight through diet and exercise and say it's a battle every day to fight the urge to eat the wrong foods, which can be hard with all the temptations available.

In fact, 1-in-4 Americans will eat fast food today. If you have a super sized coke, fries and Big Mac, you would have to walk seven straight hours to burn it off.

"People tend to gain a pound a year, especially women post-menopause," dietician Emily Rubin said.

That's why scientists are now testing what could be the perfect food.

"We hope to identify different clinical interventions that can help reduce body weight and help maintain that weight loss," researcher Dr. Corby Martin said.

One thing that does have merit is foods with fiber like potatoes, beans and whole grains that fill us up more quickly. For example, a slice of cheese has about 100 calories. A sweet potato, also 100 calories. Most can easily eat three of slices of cheese, but eat 3 potatoes and you'll be stuffed.

Experts shake, measure, and chart the effects of foods with promise: those high in protein and fiber and low in fat. They hope to determine which meals satisfy us with the smallest penalty to pay on the scale.

Although researchers are not certain how the brain and the stomach interact when it comes to hunger, one thing is for certain.

To get rid of the obesity epidemic, "it's going to take a lot of help from science," Martin said.


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