Chemist stuffed man into vat of acid

Couple's daughter testified against her mother
FRESNO, Calif. She was convicted of knocking him out and stuffing him into a vat of acid, possibly while he was still alive.

Larissa Schuster was convicted in December in the July 2003 murder of Timothy Schuster, with the special circumstance that it was committed for financial gain. The two were in the middle of a divorce following 20 years of marriage.

Just days after he vanished, Schuster's half-dissolved remains were discovered inside a 55-gallon barrel hidden in a storage unit his wife had rented. The body was intact only from the belt buckle down.

The couple's adult daughter told the sentencing hearing in Fresno that she feels safer knowing her mother will be in prison without the chance for parole. Kristin Schuster described her 47-year-old mother as "a dominating power freak" who became a "demon."


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