4 students hurt by chemical experiment

HUNTINGTON PARK The two teens were being treated at a hospital Monday afternoon. Their families were notified and were at the hospital with them.

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Monday afternoon, school officials released letters to be sent home with students, telling parents about the small explosion and subsequent fire that happened in a chemistry class earlier Monday afternoon.

Fortunately the fire was out quickly. Unfortunately for two students, they're suffering serious facial burns.

Two 11th-grade students were treated by paramedics for second-degree burns before being taken to a hospital. School officials say the students were conducting an experiment in chemistry class using sugar and potassium chloride when the explosion occurred. All 400 students at the high school were evacuated. They waited outside as firefighters inspected the building.

Eyewitness News talked to some parents who said they were very happy with the 3-year-old charter school, but say teachers and staff should take more precautions to avoid these kinds of accidents.

"Well, I'd recommend to the teacher, put more attention to all the chemicals they use at the school. Our schools, our children need more protection," said concerned grandparent Jose Garcia.

The building houses two schools: an elementary school and a high school. Both schools were evacuated.

Two other teenagers were treated at the school by paramedics for smoke inhalation, but they are expected to be OK.


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