Family in anguish over mother's death

ROMOLAND "I loved her with all my heart, and I just wish I got to say goodbye to her before she actually passed on," said Alexis Keller.

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Alexis says her mom, Terri Keller, was ripped out of her life by a drunk driver. It happened at an intersection in front of Heritage High School last week. Thirty-year-old Mark Julian is suspected of causing the fatal wreck.

"[Terri's] light had turned green and she proceeded to go. And somebody had ran a red light going in the other direction, which is the highway, and was doing about 70 mph and just broadsided them," said family friend Lorenda York.

Alexis' sister Amanda was also in the car. The fourth-grader is in the hospital right now.

"She's still fighting for her life in the hospital," said York. "She's in a coma. She has serious, serious damage to her head. And we just pray every day that goes by is a sign that hopefully she's getting better and better."

Alexis has a broken disc in her back and a ruptured spleen. She says everyone at school - and the people close to her - have helped her through this.

"I never knew I had so many people that love me until this happened," said a tearful Alexis. "It's a lot of people."

"You read about it and hear about it, but it happens -- it's real," said York. " It's right here, it's very surreal. Don't drink and drive."

To donate, contact Bank of America and ask to contribute to the Keller Family Memorial Fund.


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